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 The Foundation of The New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences


 Leon and Rosalind Begman/Harold H. Black

Assistantships for Documentary Film Students 


2017 New York University 

Faure Mathieu - A Stolen Identity

Ahmed Mansour - Arab Voices in NYC: Will They Have Their Say?

Olga Slobochikova - Too Young To Be Afraid

Emily Okuda-Overhoff - Young Ichiro


2017 Columbia University

Eva Andersen & Francesca Carter - A Different Script

Sushana Dubreil & Genesis Tuyuc - Urban Debaters


2017 CUNY

Alexandra Boothe - Gray Space: Growing Up Biracial in America


2016 New York University

 Qingzi "April" Fan - One Way Home 

 Teng Chen - Open Sesame! 

 Veda Shastri -  Separate But Equal? 


2016 Columbia University

Snedha Antony & Adnan Khan - Shame: Heroin Addiction within a Muslim Community 


2015 New York University 

Siyi Chen - Project: Hurt and Heal   

Ruohan Xu - Ruohan Xu Final Documentary Proposal    

Rahmah Pauzi -  The Unwelcomed Migrants of Malaysia  

Kelsey Doyle - Uniting the Tribe


 2015 Columbia University

Maya Albanese & Nicole Ellis - Blind Date 

Sandra Chuma & Kalisha Whitman - Full Figured & Fabulous 

Scilla Alecci & George Steptoe - The Burn 

Soraya Auer & Ndaim Roberts - This Side of Prison 

Yingqian Chen & Ony Nwaohuocha - Waack 4 Me


 2014 New York University

Yamiche Alcindor - The Trouble with Innocence  

Solomon Moriba - Still Human  

Xue Yu - Riding in Your City - A Tale of Herdsman in Modern Day Inner Mongolia 

 Rialda Zukic - Last Stop Srebrenica


2014 Columbia University

Olivia Crellin & Dorian Geiger - My Brother's Keeper

 Lisa Herndon & Muzhgan Rasul - A Map of My Heart 

Saila Huuski & Jasper Rischen Pierce - Behind These Hills


2013 New York University

Rami Ayari - From Tunis to Damascus: Joining the Fight Against Bashar-alAssad 

Faith E. Briggs - Going Tribal 

John Cathcart - Starting on the Right Foot 

Chris Moore - Inside the Crescent City 

Jessica L. Pitcher - Barrel to the Head 

Michael Shade - Sacred Fire


2013 Columbia University

Matthew Claiborne & Jeng-Tyng Hong - The Experiment 

Richard Dinardo, Mustafa Hameed & MaryAlice Parks - Welcome to the Dungeon

 Emma Elbuzedi - Syrian Refugees


2012 New York University

Mona El-Naggar - Moderate Extremes 

Kristen Kiraly - Dogs of War: The Fight Back Home 

Zijian Mu - The Unforced Relocation 

Katherine Niemczyk - One Thousand-Ri 

Dion Tan - Kakusei 

Charlena Tillett - A Farmer's Choice

 Claire Ward - The Coke Solution


2012 Columbia University

Monica Alba & Ben Teitelbaum - Ball in Hand 

Mayeta Clark - The Last Piano Warehouse in The Bronx 

Russ Finkelstein - The 33rd District

 Kristen Holmes & Sky McCarthy - Classroom for Sale 

John Light & Elaisha Stokes - When the Walls Cave In


2011 New York University

Jane Caffrey - A Box Seat View 

Julia Doran - Homeless in the Homeland 

Joshua Frank - Sound of the Capital 

Cynthia Ghazali - Beauty's Scalpel 

Loretta van der Horst - Out of the Tsunami 

Haya Fatima Iqbal - Divided Nations 

Konstantin Semin - Don't Cry For Your Hair When They Cut Your Head Off


2011 Columbia University

Sandhya Dirks & Patrick Martin-Menard - Adoption, Disrupted: The Hidden Reality of Failed International Adoptions

 Jonathan Hall & Eric Paternot - My Nurse, The Murderer


2010 New York University

Yara Costa - Chinafricanism 

Annie Dietz - Big Bad Wolf 

Sara Goldblatt - The Lebanese Community in Dakar, Senegal: A Displaced Economic Elite? 

Andrew Hongo - Breathing Free 

Charles Hoxie - Passive Passion: The Black & White of Green Building

 Jialing Zhang - The Big Move


2010 Columbia University

 Mar Cabra & Sarah Fitzpatrick - Behind the Label: The Drugging of Foster Children for Profit


2009 New York University

Nina Melendez Ibarra - Behind The Belt: The Story of Hirokazu Kanazawa

 Alexandra Nikolchev - Johnny’s New Home

 Parimah Sedaghat - My Melody

 Sharon Shattuck - Parasites

Jaime Villarreal - Broken Cup, A World Of Illusion


 2009 Columbia University

Tamara Bock & Angel Canales - Hate and Healing

 Jessica Hopper &  Pracheta Sharma - Bonded

Sia Nyorkor & Jacob Templin - One Two Fifth: Franco’s Boulevard


2008 New York University

Sonal Chawla - Life at a Call Center in India 

Merritt Gurley - Sunshine 

Elly Park - Windy Island


2007 New York University

Kyle Bruno - Asbury Park 

Rebekah Dryden - Generation Meth 

Sheherzad Kaleem - Pakistani Women 

Alyse Shorland - Chesapeake Bay


2006 New York University

Carielle Doe - Casualties of War 

Christos Gavalas - Ghana Soccer Hopes

 Megan Thompson - Ladies of the Land


2005 New York University 

Anna Boluda - This is My Family: The Children of Gay Parents

Brian Epstein - Bosnian Youth and Fundamentalism

Peter Sanders - Guilt by Omission 

Melody Weinstein - Japanese Hip Hop and the Imitation of Black Culture


2005 Columbia University

Alexandra Haggiag, Brett Hovell & Jessica Mador - Changing Tides: The Struggle for Control of the Gowanus Canal 

Jennifer Lee, Emily Mahlman & Pablo Silva - Talking Trash: CycleBank Revitalizing Recycling in Philadelphia


2004 New York University

Katrina Markel - Breaking the Chains 

Sara Pellegrini - Pen Pal Wives


Maury Povich Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Max Rodriguez - 2005 Queens College, CUNY

Queens College Department of Media Studies


Eldad Yaron - Brooklyn College, CUNY

Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc.