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Trademark Use Guidelines
1. Use trademarks as adjectives.  Trademarks are adjectives, not nouns or verbs, and should always be followed by a noun.
Emmy® award
Emmy® award ceremony
The Emmy’s
The Emmys
2. Never use trademarks in plural or possessive form.
Two Emmy® statuettes
Two Emmy’s
3. Set trademarks apart from other words or the nouns they modify. Methods of distinguishing a mark include printing it in capitals, italicized text, using bold faced text, title case (providing that the surrounding text is not also in title case) and/or putting the mark in “quotation marks.”
the EMMY® award ceremony
theEmmy® award ceremony
the Emmy® award ceremony
the Emmy® award ceremony
the “Emmy” ® award ceremony
4. Never use any other trademark in conjunction with a NATAS trademark without express authorization from The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
Fair Use of Emmy® Trademark
Note that while permission is required to use the NATAS trademarks in connection with products and services, others are allowed to make “fair use” of the mark to identify the products and services of NATAS. For example, a winning television show, may fairly advertise that it has won an Emmy® award.
Never alter NATAS trademarks, including designs, colors, etc. without express written authorization from NATAS.
Inappropriate Use
1. Never use NATAS’ trademarks in jokes, puns or in a derogatory fashion.
2. Notify NATAS of any improper use of any of its trademarks.  Report as much detail as possible about the misuse, including the name of the party, contact information, and copies or photographs of the potential misuse.
Protection Of The Emmy® Statue(ette)
The Emmy® statue(ette) is the property of and all rights are reserved by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
The Emmy® statue(ette) may not be reproduced or used in any commercial manner unless permitted by NATAS, it being understood that possession of the same is solely for the benefit of the recipient and the recipient’s heirs or successors in interest.
Use of the Emmy® Name and Emmy® Statue(ette) in Advertising and Publicity
Emmy® Winners:
1. Emmy® winners may at any time refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they have won an Emmy® and may, for one year after the Award is won, use a replica of the statue(ette) in such advertising.
2. NATAS and ATAS are currently receiving requests for use of the statue(ette) on video cassettes/disc of Emmy® Award-winning Shows.  It is the policy of NATAS and ATAS that the statue(ette) may not be used on video cassette/disc copies of Emmy® Award-winning shows. However, reference may be made in the printed material on the cover to the effect that the show is an Emmy® winner.
Network / Station Uses:
1. Networks and local television stations may use the Emmy® name and Emmy® statue(ette) with appropriate copyright and trademark notices in connection with promotional announcements for programs which, in fact, have won the Emmy® award, as long as it is done within one (1) year after the Award has been won and not thereafter.
2. Networks and local stations may announce the fact that they have won national Emmy® Awards or regional Emmy® Awards, as the case may be, by showing replicas of the statue(ette) and may refer to the name of NATAS or ATAS.  Appropriate copyright and trademark notices should be affixed to any replicas of the statue(ette) as outlined above.
Other Uses of the Emmy® Name or the Emmy® Statue(ette)
In Television Programs or Movies:
The Emmy® statue(ette) may be used as a prop in a program or movie as long as the use is not in any way derogatory to the statue(ette) and that the statue(ette) is an incidental part of the same.
In Published Works, etc.:
1. The Emmy® name and/or statue(ette) may be used in connection with printed works provided that the work is of an educational or informational nature, and the reference to the Emmy® name or statuette is non-derogatory and is reasonably related to the purpose of the published work.
2. Emmy® winners are permitted to use pictures of themselves receiving the Emmy® award in personal resumes and self-promotion.
3. Pictures of Emmy® winners receiving their statue(ette)s may also be used in printed materials featuring biographical material about such winner, provided that the use is reasonably related to the biographical material, e.g., use of a picture of an Emmy® winner in a souvenir program of a stage play in which the Emmy® winner appears, use in biographical articles about the winner, etc.
4. We have received requests from corporate Emmy® winners to use replicas of the Emmy® on stationery and the like.  Although Emmy® winners may make textual reference to the fact that they have won an Emmy® award, they may not use replicas of the Emmy® statue(ette) for this purpose.