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Welcome and thank you for your interest in joining the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, New York Chapter!

The New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NY NATAS) is the leading professional service organization dedicated to all television and media professionals.

We promote the highest standards of quality in professional, technical and personal achievement by conferring the coveted Emmy® Awards.

We invite YOU to join this dynamic, networking organization. Perks include over 100 free events per year, including films, seminars, Play Readings, passes to TV shows, (live and taped), leading edge advanced media panels, open bar networking events, professional development workshops, camaraderie and contacts! 



Membership fees are non-refundable, unless there is an unforeseen administrative occurrence.



A professional who is actively engaged in the profession of television or related advanced media fields.

Professional/Active Membership is a privilege extended to those actively engaged in television - executives, producers, performers, announcers, newscasters, writers, craftspeople, cameramen and women, directors, artists, designers, photographers, editors, academics, and others. You must have been actively working in television for at least three years in order to be approved.


A member of the media industry who is interested in advancing television arts and sciences but does not meet the requirements of Professional membership.


Current students who are enrolled full time in accredited communication courses.

*Must be a current undergraduate student to apply.
**The New York Chapter reserves the right to determine whether your application qualifies you for Professional/Active (voting), Associate (non-voting) or Student (non-voting) membership. The National Academy reserves the right to determine which categories, if any, you are qualified to vote in The National EMMY® Awards.


Our 11 Membership Classifications (defined below) are as follows: Advanced Media, Broadcast, Creative Craft, Design, Direction, Executive, Music, Performer, Production, Sales and Marketing, and Writing.

ADVANCED MEDIA (Cable, Internet, Satellite, Digital, Technology and Research and Development, Academics, Outreach Critics & Writers about TV, Members in any of the foregoing Classifications who are engaged in Foreign Language programming and other).

BROADCAST JOURNALISM (Anchors, Newscasters, Correspondents, Journalists, Reporters, Commentators, Hosts, Moderators, Sportscasters, Other)

CREATIVE CRAFT (Film Editors, Camera Operators, Assistant Camera Operators, Electronic Camera-persons, Technical Directors, Engineers (Master Control, Video and Audio), Sound (Editors, Mixers, Effects), Lighting Designers or Directors, Electricians, Videotape Operators, Videotape Editors, Videotape Sound Editors, Videotape Sound Mixers, Studio Engineers, Stagehands, Carpenters, Special Effects Persons, Property Persons, Representatives of Craft Unions, Other)

DESIGN (Scenic Designers, Art Decorators, Costume Designers, Wardrobe, Costume Coordinators, Make-up Artists, Hair Stylists, Graphic Designers, Animators, Sketch Artists, Representatives of Design Unions, Other)

DIRECTORS (Directors, Associate Directors, Assistant Directors, Choreographers, Stage Managers, Production Assistants (DGA), Script Supervisors, Representatives of Director Unions, Director/Producers, Director/Writers, Directors of Photography, Cinematographers, Other)

EXECUTIVES (Programming, Advertising, Operations, Administrative, Financial, Research Educators, Advertising, Syndication, Legal, and Station Managers)

SALES & MARKETING (Marketing/Sales/Promotion, Public Relations, Representation, Publicists, Agents, and Personal Managers)

MUSIC (Composers, Lyricists, Arrangers, Conductors, Music Editors, Instrumentalists, Music Executives, Music Supervisors, Music Producers or Directors, Representatives of Music Unions, Other)

PERFORMERS (Actors/Actresses, Singers, Spokespersons, Voiceover Performers, Variety Performers, Announcers, Narrators, Representatives of Performer Unions, Dancers, Other)

PRODUCTION (Executive, Associate or Assistant Producers), Casting Directors, Production Assistants, Supervisors, Coordinators, Unit Managers, Production Managers-Operations, Studio Supervisors, Talent Coordinators, Assignment Editors, Producer/ Directors, Producer/Writers, Other)

WRITING (Dramatic Writers, Comedy Writers, Continuity Writers, Story Editors, On-air Promotion, Advertising Copywriters, News Writers, Researchers, Documentary Writers, Sports, Writers, Television Press Writers, Representatives of Writers’ Unions, Other)

Not sure if you fit into any of our 11 Membership Classifications? Call  212-459-3630, Option 2 for assistance.

Why join?  

  • $125.00 off each NY EMMY® Award entry!
  • Qualify for exclusive discounts at select locations across New York City.
  • Enjoy pre-release film screenings! Our members have enjoyed a variety of FREE advanced film screenings to dozens of films! Recent offerings have included: Miss Sloane, The Girl On the Train, Deepwater Horizon, The Magnificant Seven, War Dogs, Warcraft, Central Intelligence, Neighbors 2, The Boss, The Huntsman-Winter's War, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, and many more!
  • NY NATAS Special Events offer members the opportunity to meet and network with other media professionals. 
  • Evening Seminars with a lively Q&A
  • Educational Midmorning Seminars with industry leaders!
  • PLUM Benefits– Offers discounts to a wide variety of entertainment including Broadway, off-Broadway, attractions, theme parks, sporting events and more!