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NY Emmy® Nomination Announcement

Film Screening


Members and their guests are invited to a preview screening of THE DARK HORSE from BROAD GREEN and ALLIED THA.  This screening has a current seating quota of 60 seats for membership.  


This invitation is non-transferable. 

Please send a separate email to Phyllis Bishop at, with the following information: Your Membership Card Number and state if you are coming alone or bringing how many guests. You must receive and answer all response emails from Phyllis, to attend these distributor screenings.

Please Note: Sometimes the screening location and arrival and start time will change.  Should your plans change and you need to cancel, please notify Phyllis as soon as possible.

Screening Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2016.

Arrival Time:  6:00 p.m. for 7 p.m. screening

Cinema: AMC Lincoln Square Cinema

Address: 1998 Broadway/Cnr W. 68th Street

Lobby Check Desk: Please locate the correct Film Screening Desk in the cinema lobby and check in by your first and last name with Phyllis.

NOTE: Absolutely no recording devices will be allowed in the theatre. No admittance after the film has begun.  Please be advised that all bags and/or purses are subject to search.  Theater will be subject to inside cinema ant piracy night vision security surveillance. 

Review Embargo: By attending this screening you agree to hold all print, online, radio and television reviews until the film’s release date. This includes posting reactions/reviews to Twitter, Facebook and blog postings. 

Synopsis: THE DARK HORSE is based on the true story of Genesis ‘Gen’ Potini (Cliff Curtis), a Maori speed-chess champion seeking redemption and a new purpose in life despite his struggles with bipolar disorder.  A former chess prodigy, Gen is brilliant and charismatic, bringing unusual, potent energy to a game most often played with quiet reserve.  Upon his release from an institution, he is remanded into the custody of his older brother Ariki (Wayne Hapi), the leader of a rough street gang planning the initiation of Gen’s reluctant teenage nephew Mana (James Rolleston).  When Gen volunteers to coach the ragtag young members of the Eastern Knights Chess Club, Mana is inspired by his uncle’s determination to bring hope to the children of the club and turn his troubled life around, while seeing it as a chance to possibly save his own

Director: James Napier Robertson

Writer: James Napier Robertson

Starring: Cliff Curtis, James Rolleston, Sia Trokenheim, Kirk Torrance, Xavier Horan, Miriama McDowell, Baz Te Hira, Wayne Hapi

Genre : Drama - Inspiration

Runtime: 2 hours 4 mins

Rated: R

Release Date: April 1, 2016

Group(s): New York Emmys


Thu, March 24, 2016
6 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
(GMT-0600) US/Central