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As the son of Indian immigrants growing up in Canada in the 1980’s, I have many fond memories that come to mind. Like most children, I grew up on PBS KIDS Programs, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and After School Specials...

By: Julie Poll When Meg Ryan got a film offer in Hollywood, the head writer was in tears and refused to kill her character...

For those that had a chance to read my last submission to the NY NATAS Quarterly Newsletter, ‘AN INTERVIEW WITH HISTORY – PART 1’, you will recall that I was interviewing Dr. Malcolm Baird with regard to the accomplishments of his father, John Logie Baird, one of the inventors of the mechanical television and inventor of both the first publicly demonstrated color television system and the first purely electronic color television picture tube.

Colleen Zenk is a 3-time Lead Actress Daytime Emmy nominee. During her years on ATWT she starred on Broadway in “Bring Back Birdie” opposite Donald O’Connor and Chita Rivera, and was featured in the original film of “Annie” directed by John Huston. She is the proud mother of a blended family of 6… 4 girls, 2 boys now ages 36-24. Since the cancellation of ATWT she has gone back to her theatre roots with starring roles in World and Regional Premieres Off-Broadway and throughout the country. Currently, she can be seen in several Amazon series including the Emmy nominated “Tainted Dreams”, the multi-international-award winning “Thurston-the Western” and in movie theatres as herself in the recently released “The Comedian” with Robert DeNiro.

Over the last several years, Dr. Malcolm Baird and I have had the opportunity to thankfully reconnect since my days growing up in Canada, primarily through my father, Dr. Venkata Nadella. Like most relationships between fathers and sons, I was always intrigued by Dr. Baird’s and in a NY NATAS first, he was willing to participate in a sit-down interview to talk about that very relationship.

Working with music in Television and Broadcasting is exciting, rewarding and offers tremendous opportunities for those in the music field. I’ve been fortunate to have built a career of telling these stories with music and sound. For me, there is no greater thrill than hearing your music, or musical selections, broadcast to millions of people. Music and sound are a pure emotional connection with the audience, creating memories and evoking imagery long after the broadcast is over.