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You are in charge of your own entries. It is your responsibility to verify and confirm that submitted entries meet all entry guidelines and rules.

If you have questions please use email as your first form of communication. It is quicker and more efficient. We answer questions as quickly as possible and your patience is appreciated. 


Refund Policy/Terms & Conditions: Refunds may be made through the end of entry season if we find an issue with the entry, including but not limited to, ineligible entrant or failure to meet guidelines. You should make every effort to check your entry prior to submission and payment. Once the official entry period closes, no refunds will be issued, with the exception of an administrative glitch by the Chapter.

  • What video formats can I upload?

Video File Upload Requirements: VALID VIDEO FORMATS

Adobe Flash Player 9: Video must be encoded to support this player.

File Type -  We support nearly any video format for uploading. Examples are 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP4 and WMV.
There are a few noteworthy formats that are not supported:

Quicktime (MOV) files that use the Apple Intermediate Codec (used in Final Cut Pro).

DRM protected files from Microsoft (WMV) or the iTunes Store (M4V, MOV).

WMV videos using the MSS2 video codec (for screencasting).

If you are in control of the format (e.g. when exporting the video from your editor), we advise you to always upload videos using:

The MP4 container format

The H.264 video codec

The AAC audio codec

MP4 with H.264/AAC is an ubiquitous format these days. All widely used editing, compositing, screencasting and transcoding tools support it. If your tools do not, take a look at Handbrake, a free but powerful desktop transcoder.

How large can my file be?

The video file size should not be larger than 2GB for ease of uploading.
  • What is the size to upload?
The size to be uploaded is 1280W. 
  • Emmy® Express is telling me that my browser doesn’t support scripting. What does that mean for me?
If your browser doesn’t support scripting you are likely to encounter issues while uploading. We strongly suggest you try using another computer or uploading from another location that supports scripting.
  • Once I start my video upload can I leave the webpage?
No. Once you click the upload button and the progress bar appears DO NOT leave this page until the encoding process begins. Doing so will affect the upload and most likely, require you to re-upload your video.
  • Once my video begins encoding can I leave the webpage?
Yes. At this point you can leave the webpage. An email will be send to the submitter as soon as the video has finished encoding. Once the video has finished encoding you will have the option to view the video and approve it. All videos must be approved.
  • Does the encoding process change the aspect ratio?
No, we never change the aspect ratio. Good quality in yields good quality out.
  • My video won’t upload or is taking a long time to upload. 
The success of the video upload process greatly depends on your computer’s internet speed, connectivity, security settings and overall network demand. Please try the options below before contacting the NY NATAS office.
  • Have you tried running a Speed Test on your computer? If so, what was your speed? A slow internet speed can result in a long/slow upload process.
  • Does your computer need a Flash upgrade? In the Resources panel on the left hand side click the Flash Upgrade button.
  • Have you performed a free web test? This scan will tell you how strong or weak your connection is. The lower the grade the worse the connection.
  • Lastly, intense firewalls or security settings (i.e. Virus, Malware, Spam) could prevent Emmy® Express from working properly.You will need to upload from a different location. 
  • I’m trying to upload multiple videos at once and it is taking too long.
We strongly suggest that you do not upload more than one video at a time. The amount of time it takes to upload a video to Emmy® Express greatly depends on your computer’s internet speed, connectivity, and overall network demand. If multiple people are using the same server to upload videos it will take a longer time to upload and encode. If you are having trouble, try uploading from another location.
  • Why do I need to approve my video?
The video must be approved in order to appear for judging. If you do not approve your video it will not be judged.
  • What happens if I reject and delete my video instead of approving it?
If you decide to reject and delete your video instead of approving it you will be able to upload the video again. Please only click reject and delete if you accidentally uploaded the wrong video, version, etc.
  • I accidentally uploaded and approved the wrong video. What do I do?
Contact the NY NATAS office at with your entry ID #. Please do not call. 
  • My video has finished uploading but when I view the thumbnail preview it isn’t good quality.
Please note that the thumbnail preview you view is a low quality version and is NOT the version that the judges will see. Judges see the version as you have uploaded it. Good quality in, yields good quality out.
  • I need to print a copy of my entry form. Where can I do that?
If you need a printed copy please refer to the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt that was sent to you. Scroll to the bottom and click the “Use this to print a copy of your entry” link.
  • I need to pay for my entry. How can I do that?
An easy way to access your entry is to open the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt that was sent to you. Scroll to the bottom and click the link entitled, “If you still need to pay, use this link to go to the payment process.”