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 The Foundation of The New York Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

~ Grants for Documentary Film Students ~


Leon and Rosalind Begman/Harold H. Black

Assistantships for Documentary Film Students 


 Qingzi "April" Fan

One Way Home


 Teng Chen

Open Sesame!


Paul Thomas

Kin Hukuncin Kisa kin na Adamawa 


 Veda Shastri 

 Separate But Equal? 



Snedha Antony

Adnan Khan

Shame: Heroin Addiction within a Muslim Community 



Siyi Chen

Project: Hurt and Heal  


Ruohan Xu

Ruohan Xu Final Documentary Proposal   


Rahmah Pauzi

  The Unwelcomed Migrants of Malaysia 


Kelsey Doyle 

Uniting the Tribe



Maya Albanese 

Nicole Ellis

Blind Date


Sandra Chuma

Kalisha Whitman

Full Figured & Fabulous


Scilla Alecci

George Steptoe

The Burn


Soraya Auer

Ndaim Roberts

This Side of Prison


Yingqian Chen

Ony Nwaohuocha

Waack 4 Me

 2014 New York University

Yamiche Alcindor 
The Trouble with Innocence 
Solomon Moriba
Still Human 
Xue Yu
Riding in Your City - A Tale of Herdsman in Modern Day Inner Mongolia 
Rialda Zukic
Last Stop Srebrenica

2014 Columbia University

Olivia Crellin
Dorian Geiger
My Brother's Keeper
Lisa Herndon
Muzhgan Rasul
A Map of My Heart
Saila Huuski
Jasper Rischen Pierce
Behind These Hills

2013 New York University

Rami Ayari
From Tunis to Damascus: Joining the Fight Against Bashar-alAssad
Faith E. Briggs
Going Tribal
John Cathcart
Starting on the Right Foot
Chris Moore
Inside the Crescent City
Jessica L. Pitcher
Barrel to the Head
Michael Shade
Sacred Fire

2013 Columbia University

Matthew Claiborne
Jeng-Tyng Hong
The Experiment
Richard Dinardo
Mustafa Hameed
MaryAlice Parks
Welcome to the Dungeon
Emma Elbuzedi
Syrian Refugees

2012 New York University

Mona El-Naggar
Moderate Extremes
Kristen Kiraly
Dogs of War: The Fight Back Home
Zijian Mu
The Unforced Relocation
Katherine Niemczyk
One Thousand-Ri
Dion Tan
Charlena Tillett
A Farmer's Choice
Claire Ward
The Coke Solution

2012 Columbia University

Monica Alba
Ben Teitelbaum
Ball in Hand
Mayeta Clark
The Last Piano Warehouse in The Bronx
Russ Finkelstein
The 33rd District
Kristen Holmes
Sky McCarthy
Classroom for Sale
John Light
Elaisha Stokes
When the Walls Cave In

2011 New York University

Jane Caffrey
A Box Seat View
Julia Doran
Homeless in the Homeland
Joshua Frank
Sound of the Capital
Cynthia Ghazali
Beauty's Scalpel
Loretta van der Horst
Out of the Tsunami
Haya Fatima Iqbal
Divided Nations
Konstantin Semin
Don't Cry For Your Hair When They Cut Your Head Off

2011 Columbia University

Sandhya Dirks
Patrick Martin-Menard
Adoption, Disrupted: The Hidden Reality of Failed International Adoptions
Jonathan Hall
Eric Paternot
My Nurse, The Murderer

2010 New York University

Yara Costa
Annie Dietz
Big Bad Wolf
Sara Goldblatt
The Lebanese Community in Dakar, Senegal: A Displaced Economic Elite?
Andrew Hongo
Breathing Free
Charles Hoxie
Passive Passion: The Black & White of Green Building
Jialing Zhang
The Big Move

2010 Columbia University

 Mar Cabra
Sarah Fitzpatrick
Behind the Label: The Drugging of Foster Children for Profit

2009 New York University

Nina Melendez Ibarra
Behind The Belt: The Story of Hirokazu Kanazawa
Alexandra Nikolchev
Johnny’s New Home
Parimah Sedaghat
My Melody
Sharon Shattuck
Jaime Villarreal
Broken Cup, A World Of Illusion

 2009 Columbia University

Tamara Bock
Angel Canales
Hate and Healing
Jessica Hopper
Pracheta Sharma
Sia Nyorkor
Jacob Templin
One Two Fifth: Franco’s Boulevard

2008 New York University

Sonal Chawla
Life at a Call Center in India
Merritt Gurley
Elly Park
Windy Island

2007 New York University

Kyle Bruno
Asbury Park
Rebekah Dryden
Generation Meth
Sheherzad Kaleem
Pakistani Women
Alyse Shorland
Chesapeake Bay

2006 New York University

Carielle Doe
Casualties of War
Christos Gavalas
Ghana Soccer Hopes
Megan Thompson
Ladies of the Land

2005 New York University 

Anna Boluda
This is My Family: The Children of Gay Parents
Brian Epstein
Bosnian Youth and Fundamentalism
Peter Sanders
Guilt by Omission
Melody Weinstein
Japanese Hip Hop and the Imitation of Black Culture

2005 Columbia University

Alexandra Haggiag
Brett Hovell
Jessica Mador
Changing Tides: The Struggle for Control of the Gowanus Canal
Jennifer Lee
Emily Mahlman
Pablo Silva
Talking Trash: CycleBank Revitalizing Recycling in Philadelphia

2004 New York University

Katrina Markel
Breaking the Chains
Sara Pellegrini
Pen Pal Wives

Maury Povich Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Max Rodriguez
2005 Queens College, CUNY
Queens College Department of Media Studies
Eldad Yaron
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Brooklyn College Foundation, Inc.