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Additional Moments from the 2006 Emmy® Awards Gala


Presenter A.J. Hammer, Entertainment Anchor, Headline News’ Showbiz Tonight (CNN)

Presenter Al Roker, The Today Show (NBC)

Presenters Brenda Blackmon and Harry Martin, Co-Anchors, WWOR 9 News

Presenters Cindy Hsu, Co-Anchor, CBS2 News at Noon and Richard Huff, TV Editor, New York Daily News

Presenter Jai Rodriguez, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo)

Presenters Jordan Bridges, Actor, Conviction (NBC) and Linda Stasi, Entertainment Columnist,
New York

Presenters Kaity Tong, Co-Anchor, WB11 News at 10 with her former co-anchor Ernie Anastos, Co-Anchor, FOX 5 News (WNYW)

Presenter Randall Pinkston, Correspondent, CBS Weekend News

Presenters Rosanna Scotto, Co-Anchor, FOX 5 News (WNYW) and Lloyd Grove, Columnist, New York Daily News

Our Father and Daughter presenters: Marvin Scott, Anchor & Senior Correspondent, WPIX-TV and Jill Scott, Reporter, NY1 News

Presenters Denisse Oller and Rafael Pineda, Co-Anchors, Noticias 41 Univision (WXTV)

Presenters George Whipple, Society Reporter, and Neil Rosen, Movie Critic, both from NY1