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Please read below for answers to all of your submission, upload, payment and general Call for Entries questions.

You are in charge of your own entries. It is your responsibility to verify and confirm that submitted entries meet all entry guidelines and rules.

If you have questions please use email as your first form of communication. It is quicker and more efficient. We answer questions as quickly as possible and your patience is appreciated. 


Refund Policy/Terms & Conditions: Refunds may be made through the end of entry season if we find an issue with the entry, including but not limited to, ineligible entrant or failure to meet guidelines. You should make every effort to check your entry prior to submission and payment. Once the official entry period closes, no refunds will be issued, with the exception of an administrative glitch by the Chapter. 

About Emmy® Express:

  • What is Emmy® Express?

Emmy® Express is our online entry solution designed to make your entry process as easy as possible. The entire entry experience using Emmy® Express is a 6 step process that takes about 10 minutes per entry. To submit more than one entry, simply repeat steps 1 through 4 and at the end, be sure to choose your payment option.

  • What is the eligibility period for the 2017 New York Emmy® Awards? 
Entries must have been produced and had their first transmission within the New York Chapter's regional boundaries (New York State and Northern New Jersey) from September 1, 2015 through August 31, 2016.
  • Where do I send my entry?
Emmy® Express now provides a faster, easier submission process. Entry videos are uploaded via Emmy® Express. DVDs are no longer accepted. 
  • Who is the “Submitter Contact” on the entry?
This is the person who is submitting entries (i.e. completing the online entry forms) on behalf of their station or production company. This is the first person we will contact if we have any questions or require additional information regarding the entry.  This person may or may not also be listed as an “entrant” as well.
  • What is the difference between “Producing organization” and “Submitting organization”?
When filling out the entry form, you will be asked to enter the name of the Producing and Submitting organizations. The producing organization is where the piece was produced and the submitting organization can be either a station or a private production company submitting the entry for Emmy® consideration.
  • What if I make a mistake can I go back and edit my entry?
If you submitted an entry in error and need to make edits, please contact
  • What forms of payment are accepted by NY NATAS?

Entries can be paid for by credit card, check or money order. Checks can be made payable to NY NATAS and must be sent to Lauren Loverde, 450 7th Avenue, Suite 808, New York, NY 10123.

  • Do you have to be a member of NY NATAS to submit an entry?

Membership is not required but is encouraged. Members receive great benefits, including a significant discount when submitting their entries.

  • Where can I fill out an entry form?

Click on the "Call for Entries" drop down above. On that page, follow one of the links provided.

  • What is the non-member entry fee?

The entry fee for non-members is $225 per entry.

  • What is the member entry fee?

If the Designated Statuette Recipient is a member in good standing through the Emmy® Awards Process (December 31st), the fee is $125 per entry.

  • I am a member. How do I obtain the Member discount in the entry process?

If you are a NY NATAS member in good standing through December 31st, you are eligible for the member rate. If your NY NATAS membership lapses prior to December 31st, you may renew now to enjoy the member rate. In order to receive the discount, the member must be listed as the first entrant. 

  • Oops, I overpaid! How can I get a refund?

Please send email and explain your situation. List the entry ID numbers and submitter's name. Please do not call.

**Please note that there is a transaction fee for all refunds.** Your refund will be made in the same way as payment was received. If you paid by credit card then we will issue you a refund, minus the transaction fee, via credit card. The same applies for payments made with a check. If you paid by check we will refund you, minus the transaction fee, with a check.

  • I received an email from Emmy® Express requesting payment for an entry that I have already paid for. What should I do?

Emmy® Express offers submitter’s the opportunity to pay for their entry in multiple payments. This feature allows several people to contribute payment to an entry. It also allows individuals to pay half of their invoice via credit card and the remainder with a check.

Each time a person selects to pay via the multiple payments option Emmy® Express automatically sends each person, listed as an “entrant,” an email.

If you receive an email from Emmy® Express that says, “the following Emmy® entries are being paid for with multiple payments. Please use the link below to pay for your portion of these entries”and have already submitted payment for your entry/portion of the entry you may disregard the email and treat it as a notification that one of your colleagues has paid their portion of the entry.

If you have any questions please contact Please do not call.

  • What format should the video file be in?

Review required specifications for detailed information regarding preparation of your video for upload.

Video File Upload Requirements: The video file size must not be larger than 2GB. You may upload a video width of 1280.

  • I’ve submitted my entry, how do I upload my video?

After you have submitted your entry you will be brought to the Emmy® Express Payment Summary Page. You will find a link to Upload a Video on the left under Resources. For each entry you submit, you will also receive an EMMY® Express - Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt.

Another way to access the video upload page is by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the EMMY® Express – Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt. By following the video upload link it will bring you to the Welcome to the EMMY® Express Video Upload Process page. Please read and follow the instructions provided.

  • What information will I need in order to upload my video?

You will need to following information handy in order to successfully upload your video. Make sure that you have the Entry ID Number and Submitter's email address; refer to the EMMY® Express - Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt for that information.

Once you have this information please proceed to the Upload Process page.

  • Emmy® Express is asking for the Entry ID. Where can I find that information?

The Entry ID can be found on the top left hand corner of the EMMY® Express - Email Copy of EMMY® Entry receipt. In the box labeled Entry ID please refer to the 2 digit number following the category number. (EXAMPLE - 48J-06. 48J is the category, 06 is the entry id#.)

  • Emmy® Express is telling me that my browser doesn’t support scripting. What does that mean for me?

If your browser doesn’t support scripting you are likely to encounter issues while uploading. We strongly suggest you try using another computer or uploading from another location that supports scripting.

  • I’m trying to upload my video but the system locked me out.

You are given three chances to successfully upload your video. If you exceed that number the system will automatically lock you out. Please contact the NY NATAS office at for assistance. Please do not call.

  • I’m trying to upload my video but every time I login Emmy® Express shows me the wrong entry information.

Sometimes Emmy® Express needs to be cleared and/or reset. If you run into a problem try clicking the Clear and Reset Session button on the left hand side under the Resources tab. Once you have done so try logging in again. If you are still experiencing trouble please contact the NY NATAS office at for help. Please do not call. 

  • I uploaded AND approved the wrong video. What do I do?

Please note that there is a $25 fee to unapprove and reupload your video. Please email to do so. Please do not call. 

  • Who can be added as an Eligible Statuette Recipient on an entry?
Some examples of who is eligible are “Talent,” “Producers,” “Directors,” etc. But each category has its own guidelines. Make sure to check who is eligible before submitting.
  • Can I include all the other people who worked on the entry?

Yes, if you’d like to include them, the fee is $50 per additional person, per entry, during the submission process. These additional entrants are called “Eligible Statuette Recipients.”

  • Can people be added to the entry after it is nominated?

Yes, to add an Eligible Statuette Recipient post-nomination, the member fee is $100 per name, per nominated entry. A post-nomination name addition for non-members is $150 per name, per entry.

  • If our entry wins, can people be added to the entry after the gala?

Yes, to add an Eligible Statuette Recipient post-gala, the fee is $300 per name, per winning entry.

  • Who receives the Emmy® Award?
A single Emmy® statuette is awarded each winning entry. Only the “Designated Statuette Recipient” (DSR) will be eligible to accept the Emmy® at the ceremony. After the ceremony, all others listed on the entry as “Eligible Statuette Recipients” (ESRs) may order statuettes.
  • What is the definition of “Talent” under the category guidelines?

“Talent” are on-camera performers such as reporters and hosts.

  • Where did the Advanced Media Categories go?

Plain and simple, they are not needed. Separate categories for Advanced Media create an artificial distinction—a distinction that has little relevance in today's broadcast environment. It does not matter if a story is broadcast, cablecast or webcast if the story is of Emmy® Award quality. The long and the short of it is that all of the categories are now open to Advanced Media entries. News – Programming – Sports – Promotions – Individual Craft – there are many more options to choose from.

  • Are categories combined?

No, categories are not combined. Subcategories are combined to facilitate judging. The NY Chapter reserves the right to combine subcategories based on the numberof entries received, total running time of all entries, the accounting results, etc.

When you submit an entry into a category that has "ABC..." subcategories please be aware that those subcategories may be combined at the discretion of the Chapter.

  • How long can an entry be?

Make sure to check the Category List, as all categories have different time limits.

  • Are commercials allowed?

Commercials must be deleted so there is no interruption in the program.

  • How long can craft achievement entries be?
These entries should be no more than 15 minutes in length, except for the program-length writing category.
  • Are talent reels and audition tapes accepted as composites?
No, they are not accepted.
  • What can be submitted under “Series?"
You can submit a minimum of two/max of three programs or segments that exemplify your series.
  • What can be submitted under “Segments?”

You can submit one or more segments that exemplify the programming area.

  • What can be submitted under “Short Form?”

You can submit promotional spots, PSAs or on-air IDs.

  • Can Spanish language entries be submitted?
Yes they can. Spanish-language entries will be judged by a panel of Spanish-speaking judges.
  • Can any other languages be entered? 

Programs submitted in any other language are subject to the availability of qualified judges. Therefore, we require that these entrants submit a DVD with English subtitles, with English on a second audio channel, a précis, or English transcript. 

  • Can I get a copy of my video once it has been uploaded to Emmy Express?
No. If you need a copy or think you might need a copy be sure to save it to your own computer. We do not make any videos available for viewing at any stage of the process. 
  • Can I view any videos submitted to Emmy Exress?
No. We do not make any videos available for viewing at any stage of the process.